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Ridgeview Homeowners Association
Resale Information

Things you need for resale!

Resale Documents!

We will provide you with the state required resale disclosure statement along with a complete new set of declarations, bylaws, articles, rules and regulations.  Also included, is a registration packet that needs to completed and returned after the closing.  The current fee is $30 payable by the seller.  This can be collected at closing if preferred. There is a $150 new buyer fee due at the closing.

Insurance Information!

Ridgeview has a blanket hazard insurance policy.  The association's insurance company is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.  Buyers are strongly encouraged to maintain their own personal property insurance.  Buyers should be aware that there is a $10,000 deductible per incidence and they may be liable for the deductible. 

For title companies and real estate closers!

Please try to give us a couple of days to provide you with the proper closing documents.  You may reach us at 952-890-9444 or fax us at 952-890-9444.

Ridgeview Condominium Homes